Uberto BONETTI (Viareggio, 1909 – 1993)

Futurist painter, graphic artist and designer.
Very young he began artistic studies in Lucca and then he studied architecture in Carrara.
In 1931 Bonetti created the mascot for the famous Viareggio carnival, Burlamacco, still today a mask symbol of the town. A lot of important artists and personalities, such as Luigi Pirandello, Italo Balbo, Fortunato Depero, Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, were friend of him. From 1932 to 1938 he worked on the series of aerial works called Aeroviste d’Italia, which depict Italian cities seen from the sky in a futuristic and dynamic style. After the war he worked as an art teacher. In the 70’s Bonetti returned to his first love, the watercolour. He exhibited with great success in Milan, Florence, Pistoia and obviously Viareggio. His last great and official exhibition was held in Palazzo Paolina in Viareggio in 1992, where his 70 years of work were celebrated. It is the last homage to his art.