Salvador SANTOS (Madrid 1972)

Inspired by the great Bauhaus School, Madrilenian economist Salvador Santos decides to embark on his artistic career in research on color and geometric shape. Its geometric style, vibrant and refined, leads us to lose ourselves in the pleasant contemplation of the poetic consequences of its geometric forms, of color as emotion, and light as a source of spirituality.
After more than ten years living in the United States, and successfull collaborations in the world of architecture and design with institutions such as The Institute of Design in Chicago, Illinois Institute of Technology and McCann Group, Santos arrives in Spain to revive the passion and dedication for the mathematical technique of Suprematism: “Color is an end in itself, a product of overflowing emotion, a relative phenomenon that is constantly changing. The same color is able to evoke multiple readings because the colors dialogue, touch and combine. Each color has a spectral vibration that causes different emotions, a kind of chromatic poem that induces a powerful stimulus to the imagination”.
The artistic work of Salvador Santos is situated within the movement of Geometry of Light. His compositions use primitivist geometric forms, combined with more complex ones, to create suggestive planes and transparencies in a two-dimensional space that is revealed to the viewer by applying light to the chromatic proposal.
Through this visual scenario it reaches its final objective, the study of color: “In my work you can appreciate the influence of the European constructivists due to my fascination with Kandinsky and Malévich, as well as the twentieth century American artists belonging to the Hard Edge movement, such as Albers, Stella and Kelly”.

Degree in Economics from the Complutense University of Madrid, Spain.
Banking and Finance, New York University, New York, USA.
Master of Science in Design, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, USA.

Solo Exhibitions
Arco Gallery, Madrid (2017)

Selected Group Exhibitions
Open Borders, Odetta Gallery, New York City, USA (2019)
Just Mad Contemporary Art Fair, Madrid (2019)
The Decorative Antiques Fair, Battersea Park, Londres, UK (2019)
Aqua, Art Basel week, Miami, U.S.A (2018)
Affordable Art Fair NYC, New York, USA (2018)
Ynot Estudio, Madrid (2018)
Feria Almoneda, Verdegaban Ifema, Madrid (2018)
La Galerie, Madrid (2018)