PETR NOVIKOV (1899 – 1943)


Petr Novikov was born in the Smolensk province in 1899 into a peasant family, who soon moved to St. Petersburg.

From 1913 to 1917 he studied drawing and at the same time worked in a typography. During the October Revolution he joined the ranks of voluntary military units and then served in the Red Army. After demobilization in 1923 he entered the VKhUTEIN at the faculty of painting.

His exhibition activity began in 1926. Since the 1930s he has collaborated with the State Department for Children, creating illustrations for children’s books. Particularly interesting, permeated with energy and optimism, are the illustrations for the book “Stadium” (1929). Over time, his style becomes more and more clear and he starts working in a group of LOSH members specializing in the creation of posters and slogans. He died of hardships caused by the war in 1943.

The Tyumen and Kirov Museum of Fine Arts dedicated some exhibitions to him, as well several publications.