Olga BOGAEVSKAJA (St. Petersburg 1915 – 2000)

She is regarded as one of the leading representatives of the Leningrad School of painting.
She was the daughter of a well-known archaeologist and art historian and she studied at the Art and Industry College, where she was a student of David Zagoskin (1931–1932). Then she continued education in the Leningrad Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture (one of the 14 students admitted), where she studied with Sergei Priselkov, Genrikh Pavlovsky, David Bernshtein, and Alexander Osmerkin (1933–1940), with whom she graduated. Since 1940 she was a member of the Union of Russian Artists in St. Petersburg. The forties marked the beginning of a lively exhibition activity with prestigious exhibitions in Russia and abroad. Talented colorist, the leading themes of her subjects are children portraits, genre scenes and interiors. She was the painter Gleb Savinov’s wife, with whom she shared not only her private life but also her artistic journey.


Moscow, Tret’jakov Gallery
Moscow, The Ministry of Culture Collection
St. Petersburg, Russian State Museum
St. Petersburg, Fine Arts Academy Museum
Krasnoiarsk, Fine Arts Museum
Novgorod, Fine Arts Museum
Rjazan, Fine Arts Museum
Jaroslavl, Fine Arts Museum
Omsk, Fine Arts Museum
Prague, Fine Arts Museum
Tokyo, Contemporary Art Gallery

Works by Olga Bogaevskaja are permanently dealt by the Pirra Art Gallery and are published in a coloured monograph edited by the Gallery.