Mikhail KUZNETSOV (Kruglino, 1904-1989)

Mikhail Alexandrovich Kuznetsov was born in 1904 in the village of Kruglino (Dmitrovsky region), not so far from Moscow. In 1916 he entered the Stroganov Art College, and later the Higher Art-Technical Institute of Moscow (VHUTEMAS – VHUTEIN), where his teachers were Kazemir Malevich and Nadezhda Udaltsova. He graduated from the class of Professor Ilya Mashkov in 1926.
In the same year Mikhail Kuznetsov joined the famous Society of Moscow artists “Bytie” (Existence), which was founded by graduates of VHUTEMAS. Later he became a member of the Moscow Association of the Artists and started to travel around the country making enormous amount of etudes and sketches, working on plein air and painting his first main pieces. In his etudes one can see his favourite landscapes made on the Volga River, near the Ural mountains, at the Onega Lake, at Caspian and Azov Sea and Central Asian regions. Landscape became his main genre and most of his works show wonderful nature of different parts of Russia.
Since the first years of work as an artist Mikhail Kuznetsov participated in many exhibitions, taught art in the Art School in the town of Turist and founded Children art studio in the town of Yakhroma. In 1947, together with the oldest artists of Moscow Region (Radimov, Shaposhnikov, Tyagnov, Logutenok) Kuznetsov organized the Moscow Region Department of the Artists’ Union of the USSR (MOSKH). Since then he was an active member of this organization and later on he became its chief.


Moscow, Tret’jakov Gallery
Astrakhan, Kustodiev State Art Gallery