Igor SMEKALOV (Orenburg, 1965)

1965: he was born in Orenburg, where he lives and works.
1984: he graduated in Art.
1990-’95: he regularly met in Pasmurovo, near Orenburg, with other artists to study, work and exchange views. These experiences lead to collective exhibitions entitled “Pasmurovo from 1991 to 1995”.
1993: member of the Union of the Artists.
1994: member of Sadki Academy, a group of painters refractory to official art, which in the mid-70s met secretly in the cellars of Orenburg. In later years, when the political situation changed, new artists were allowed in the group, animated by the same spirit of their predecessors.
2002: he is included in “Galaxy”, a book dedicated to seven artists from Orenburg.
2004: University of Magnitogorsk.
2009: he teaches Drawing and Painting at University of Orenburg.

Currently he is curator in the Graphics Department of the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow.


Orenburg, Museum of Fine Arts

Works by Igor Smekalov are permanently dealt by the Pirra Art Gallery and are published in a coloured monograph edited by the Gallery.