Georgij MOROZ (Dneprodzerzinsk, Ukraine 1937 – St. Petersburg 2015)

He was born in Dneprodzerzinsk (Ucraina) in 1937 and he will be proud of his origins all life long. He expressed an early passion for drawing and began artistic studies in Dneprodzerzinsk in 1949. In this period it was determinant Grigorij Latunov, a painter and teacher focused on plein air painting. Later he was influenced by Vladimir Tokarev and by his landscapes. Tokarev was the artistic director of the Dacha of the Academy and a Moroz’s friend. Staying very often at the dacha, Moroz discovered his deep love for nature, especially for his motherland. He decided to attend the School of Fine Arts in Kiev, under the guide of Jurij Neprincev and Aleksandr Romanycev. From 1956 to 1962 he attended the Academy of Fine Art of Saint Petersburg. While he was still studying he began his activity taking part in many exhibitions in Russia and abroad. In 1973 he became member of the Union of the Artists. In 1980 he exhibited in Austria, Hungary, Japan and in 1990 a solo exhibition was organised in USA (Bemidji). In the decade 1990-2000 several exhibitions that had great success were held in Italy and France.
Moroz is now considered as one of the major representatives of Russian Post-Impressionism. He has developed an expressive dimension capable of giving the painting an atmosphere of true poetry and passion: his everyday life subjects, landscapes and still life never lack emotional suggestion. The technique is also very important for Moroz, in particular the rendering of the brilliant colors of nature. After several tests he found the solution: mix the color with crushed crystal, crumpled amber and resin crumbs. These elements do not change over time and the vibrant brush strokes of the painter do the rest.
Other important exhibitions are the one to celebrate the 70 years of the Union of the Painters of Saint Petersburg in 2002, the year after the one honour of the 300 years of the City of Saint Petersburg and in 2007 his solo exhibition to celebrate his seventieth birthday (Saint Petersburg).

Works by Georgij Moroz are in a lot of private collections and in the following museums

Moscow, Tret’jakov Gallery
Moscow, USSR Artists Collection
Moscow, The Ministry of Culture Collection
St. Petersburg, Russian State Museum
Dnepropetrovk, Modern Art Museum
Solichard, Modern Art Museum
Bemidji, Mn, Usa, Coll. “B” Gallery Nymore Center

Works by Georgij Moroz are permanently dealt by the Pirra Art Gallery and are published in coloured monographs edited by the Gallery.