EMMALISA MATTEAZZI SENIN (Este, Padova 1914 – Bologna 1995)

She studies in Vicenza, where she lives with her parents and five brothers.
Following her great passion for painting, her family allows her to continue her artistic studies in Venice with the painter Alessandro Milesi from 1933 to 1936.
In 1936 she marries Angelo Senin and she moves to Bologna, where she will remain, except for brief periods spent in Parma and Rome, until her death in October 1995.
The birth of eight children does not prevent her from dedicating herself continuously to the exercise of drawing, in pencil and charcoal, of painting, in oil and in watercolor, and, in the last years of her life, of engraving on wood and on plate.
Emmalisa Senin lived in a continuous dialogue with painting, which was her vision of the world. She had a penetrating but lyrical and almost dreamy approach to everyday life. Her discreet and measured painting deals with various genres, from portraits to still life, to interiors.