Dmitrij KOSMIN (Omsk, 1925 – Moscow, 2003)

Dmitrij Kosmin has represented the Soviet Union at the Biennale of Venice in 1966.
Works by Dmitrij Kosmin can be found in various private collections in Europe, Japan, United States and in the following museums:

Moscow, Tret’jakov Gallery
Kostroma, Soviet Contemporary Art Museum
Perm, Modern Art Gallery
Klaipeda, Fine Arts Museum
Omsk, Fine Arts Museum
Frunze, Modern Art Museum
Tomsk, Fine Arts Museum
Alma-Ate, Fine Arts Museum
Novosibirsk, Fine Arts Museum
Sverdlavsk, Fine Arts Museum
Tiumen, Fine Arts Museum
Novokuznetsk, Modern Art Museum

Works by Dmitrij Kosmin are permanently dealt by the Pirra Art Gallery and are published in coloured monographs edited by the Gallery.