Birgitte LYKKE MADSEN (Odense, Denmark, 1960)

1981-86, Educated from the Academy of Fine Arts, Odense.
2000-2002, Multimedia designer at Odense Technical School.
First solo exhibition in 1983.

Artist statement:

“I am a painter. I am fascinated by the difference in cold and warm colors and the different atmospheres that it creates in our mind. My hereby presented oil paintings are describing people in water. The secret life under the water surface, or the public life watching crowds of people gathered in the sea, their connections or non-connections. The paintings explore the depth and the color of water and what influence it makes on people. I study, what influence the size of a space have on a person. – The immense and undefined room under water for a single person. I often paint a woman as I, as a woman, know this body; the gravity and the proportions, the strength and the weakness and the person´s size compared to the room around her. – The crowds of people in the sea show the tranquility, a certain moment in different people´s life suddenly connected through the water.
Painting water sets me free of any limitation concerning room and reality – both in the use of colors as in the depiction. I use oil paint in my works as the nature of oil gives you the possibility to paint both transparent and/or cover the canvas (al prima). Especially in painting the sea, the transparency is important to my expression.
In my work I try to connect to the viewer´s experiences; both to this very moment and to their recalled memories. I try to make them be aware of their being and of their present”.

Some selected exhibitions from the later years:

Solo Exhibitions
2024 “Danske Billeder”, Konservesgaarden, Faaborg Museum, Denmark
2021 “Danske Billeder”, Galleri 5000, Odense, Denmark
2019 Galleri 5000, Odense, Danimarca
2018 Galleria d’Arte Pirra, Torino, Italia
2017 “REFLECTIONS”, The Studio Gallery, Odense, Denmark
2017 “Songs for a Sailor” – Iceland in my Heart, Odense, Denmark
2017 La Galerie Danoise, Lyon, France
2016 Galleri Clifford, Vejle, Denmark
2016 Gallerie Lorien, Copenhagen, Denmark
2015 The North Atlantic House, Odense, Denmark
2015 “Cumulus”, Århus, Denmark
2015 Pirra Art Gallery, Turin, Italy
2014 Galleri Weber, Svendborg, Denmark
2014 Østfyns Kunstforening, Nyborg, Denmark
2014 Fællesdomicilet, Odense, Denmark.
2013 64° ISLAND, Foyergalleriet, Odense, Denmark.
2013 Molndal Kulturdage, Kvanbyn, Sverige
2013 Scandinavian Tobbacco Compagny, Denmark.
2013 Dansk Arbejdsgiverforening, Copenhagen, Denmark.
2013 New Blood Art, London, England
2012 The Landscape, Cold College, Odense, Denmark. 2012, The Landscape, Cold College, Odense, Denmark.
2012 The Portrait – Copy or Mood, Foyergalleriet, Odense, Denmark.
2011 The Dormitory in the church of Løgumkloster, Denmark.
2010 Galleri Vejle, Vejle, Denmark.
2008 The Tree, ByArt, Odense, Denmark.
2002 JB Galleri, København, Denmark.
2000 Galleri Vent, Nr.Åby, Denmark.
2000 Gallerie Nouvelle, Horsens, Denmark.
1999 Gallery Ægidius, Randers, Denmark.
1998 Gallery Utsira, Esbjerg, Denmark.
1995 Gallery Gerly, Copenhagen, Denmark.
1991-92 Touring Exhibition, Denmark.

Group Exhibitions
2018 Spaces, The Studio Gallery, Odense, Denmark
2017 Gallerie Danoise, Arles, France
2017 SIM House, Reykjavik, Iceland
2017 “Purple Rain”, Galleri Clifford, Vejle, Denmark
2017 Galleri Brænderigården, Vejle, Denmark
2017 The Studio Gallery, Odense, Denmark
2016 Gallerie Danoise, Arles, France
2016 Gallerie Lorien, Copenhagen, Denmark
2016 Galleri Clifford, Vejle, Denmark
2016 Gallery New Blood Art, London, England
2015 Galleri Weber, Svendborg, Denmark
2015 Galleri Lorien, Copenhgen, Denmark
2015 SMALL WORKS, Hollufgård, Odense, Denmark
2015 “Donne”, Galleria Pirra, Torino, Italien
2015 “Piccole Opere”, Galleria Pirra, Torino, Italien
2014 SAK, Svendborg, Denmark
2014 Galleri Weber, Svendborg, Denmark
2014 Lykke Madsen & Jensen – Maleri & Sculptur, Svendborg, Denmark.
2013 How Art Is Made – Projects and Processes, Odense, Denmark.
2012 Small Works Sale, Foyergalleriet, Odense, Denmark.
2012 Summerexhibition, Galleri V58, Aarhus, Denmark.
2012 ”Øjenhøjde”, NICOLAI, Kolding, Denmark.
2012 DANE, artists for art and environment, Odense, Denmark.
2011 Marziart Internationale Galerie, Hamburg, Germany.
2011 Small Work Sale, Foyergalleriet, GAH,Denmark.
2010 Reconstructed Landscape, Galleri ByArt, Odense and Gallery Bjerre, Struer, Denmark.
2009-10 ”My Heart Belongs to..”, National Print Museum, Dublin, Ireland, & Korsør; Kolding, Odense, Denmark.
2009 Madsnedøfortet, Denmark.
2009 The Portrait IN MENTE. Toldboden, Kerteminde, Denmark.
2009 Kongegården, Korsør, Denmark.
2009 Kunst and Design, Kolding, Denmark.
2008 ”Gränsland”. Galleri Frida, Sweden.
2008 Galleri Munken, Løkken, Denmark.
2007 ”Immigrants”, six museums in USA.
2007 ”Immigrants”, Galleri Frida, Sweden.
2007 Galleri 2RN, Åkirkeby, Denmark.
2007 Galleri Himmelhav, Frederikshavn, Denmark.
2006 “One Size Fits All”, Rundetårn, København, Denmark.
2005-06 ”Den Grafiske Genbank”, ArtCenter Silkeborg Bath andJohannes Larsen Museum, Kerteminde, Denmark.
2005 IN MENTE, BaneGården, Aabenraa, Denmark.
2005 H.C. Andersen, Filosofgangen, Odense, Denmark.
2005 “15 billedhuggere og 16 grafikere”, Dronninglund Kunstcenter, Denmark.
2004 Død & Pine, Klosterbakken, Odense, Denmark.
2003 Funen Spring, Dronninglund Artcenter, Denmark.
2001 Magi og Folkekunst, Fyns Kunstmuseum, Denmark.

Latest decorations
2017 The Red Thread, Haarby Skole, Denmark. Public school.
2016 The Boat, Assensskolen, Denmark. Public school.
2015 Art concept for a Kindergarten in Svendborg, Denmark
2014-15 Water. Indoor swimmingpool area, Bolbro, Denmark

Other Commissions
Mayors house of Søndersø, Denmark.
The Museum of Fine Arts, Odense, Denmark.
Glass decoration at The University Hospital in Odense, Denmark.
Oil paintings at The University Hospital of Odense, Denmark.
Museum of Kleinkunst, Holstebro, Denmark.
The Municipality of Odense, Denmark.
Fine Arts Foundation of Funen, Denmark.
JB Gallerie, Copenhagen, Denmark.
Mobile and decoration at a Senior Center, Vissenbjerg, Denmark.
Oil paintings at Adults Education Center, Odense, Denmark.
Fyns Studenter og HF-kursus, Odense, Denmark.
Danish Railways, Hellerup, Denmark.
“Badutspringer”, Gabel painting, Odense, Denmark.
“Bergs Billeder”, Gabel paintings, Odense Denmark.
Decoration at the Educator School of Denmark.
Project manager and curator at Nordic Printing Relay, Denmark and Sweden