Andrej LEVITIN (St. Petersburg 1947)

Andrej Levitin was born in St. Petersburg in 1947 into a family of artists, the painters Maya Kopitzeva and Anatolij Levitin. Little Andrjusha spent the early years of his childhood in the “children’s room” inside the Academy of Fine Arts, a sort of kindergarten set up in the difficult postwar years. Precociously inclined to art, he attended the artistic middle school and the Academy, where he graduated in 1972, studying with Professor A. D. Zajcev. Since 1983 he is a member of the St. Petersburg Union of Artists and his works are in museums, galleries and private collections.
Eclectic artist, among his favourite subjects landscapes stand out, in particular Siberia, the Tver region (moving in summer on foot or by bicycle and in winter on skis), the Caucasus, the Crimea, the intimate and poetic interiors, such as the views from the veranda on the snowy landscape, the intense portraits, often in a domestic context.


St. Petersburg, Museum of the Fine Arts Academy
Moscow, State Historical Museum
Moscow, Collection of the Ministry of Culture