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Aleksej and Sergej TKACEV (Chuchunovka, Brjansk, Aleksej 1925;  Sergej 1922 – Mosca 2022)

Works by the Tkacev brothers can be found in various collections in Europe, Japan, China, Canada, South Korea, Taiwan, United States and in over ninety museums all over the world. Among them:

Moscow, Tret’jakov Gallery
Moscow, IRRI/IRRA (Institute of Russian Realist Art)
Moscow, The Ministry of Culture Collection
St. Petersburg, Russian State Museum
Brjansk, Tkacev Brothers Museum
Ivanovo, Museum of Modern Art
Odessa, Museum of Modern Art
Kiev, Russian Art History Museum
Novgorod, Gorky Museum of Art
Perm, State Art Gallery
Rostov, Modern Art Gallery
Saratov, Radishev Museum
Smolensk, Smolensk Museum
Tomsk, Museum of Modern Art
Tver, Repin Academy
Vologda, Modern Art Gallery
Taiwan, Dragon Museum
Beijing, Museum of Modern Art
Bloomington (Mn),Usa The Museum of Russian Art

The Tkacev brothers have represented the Soviet Union at the Biennale of Venice in 1964 and in Brjansk a museum has been dedicated to them.
In 2011 the Tret’jakov Gallery of Moscow dedicated to them a big retrospective exhibition entitled “Brothers Tkachevs. About the Motherland”.

Works by the Tkacev brothers are permanently dealt by the Pirra Art Gallery and are published in coloured monographs edited by the Gallery.