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9 February 2018 @ 00:00

Considered by the critics “a poet of colors” and called “the queen of art”, Zhang Hong Mei is one of the major exponents of Chinese contemporary art.
In her paintings she offers a modern interpretation of Chinese painting techniques, revisiting ink and “cut cards” that she replaces with ecologically compatible fabrics. The result of this creative experience are the suggestive “mental landscapes” that give the title to the exhibition, some ceramic vases partially covered with cloth and a series of works dedicated to the Xi’An Warriors. They are a faithful reproduction of the original terracotta heads but made of bronze. The artist symbolically seeks to give life to the colors now lost with colorful fabrics, using them as a second skin, giving them a new identity.
Zhang Hong Mei reaches the aim to match in her works past and present in perfect harmony.

The exhibition will be open till 25 february 2018.

Some of the paintings on display


9 February 2018