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30 May 2014 @ 00:00

The exhibition is a selection of works by French, Italian and Russian artists, whose main theme is the female figure, considered almost the archetype of the human dimension.
Along with artists for whom the woman is the shape mother in which sign and content are perfectly combined, such as Enzo Faraoni (1920), Giulio Da Milano (1895-1990) and Edgardo Corbelli (1918-1989), who made the woman the focal point of his expressive language, we find the Russian post- Impressionist painters, who hardly conceive the female figure isolated from a narrative context, emphasizing her sweetness or strength. Well representative are the works of Gleb Savinov (1915-2000), for example “The Russian woman” of 1958, Boris Lavrenko (1920-2001) and Georgij Moroz (1937). The immature women of Igor Smekalov (1965), Russian but belonging to a generation chronologically and culturally distant from his colleagues, seem to avoid the glance of the spectator, concentrated in a conscious melancholy and isolation.
The exhibition also features the French Marcel Rieder (1862-1942), with a romantic night scene, the Canadian Kate Reinecken (1895-1956) with a sweet portrait of a girl in a field of flowers, and a work of the Northern European school of the late nineteenth century, which depicts a woman sewing, in a bourgeois interior rich in details.


30 May 2014