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31 March 2017 @ 00:00

It is a natural element, the water, the main theme of this interesting and unusual pictorial itinerary, combining very different artistic personalities, far apart also geographically and chronologically.
In fact, on show there are the Russian post impressionist masters born in the twenties and thirties of the twentieth century, including Georgij Moroz, Vladimir Joukov, Gleb Savinov, Marina Uspenskaya, the French painter Henry Maurice Cahours (Paris, 1889 – Vence, 1974), the Italian artist Edgardo Corbelli (1918 – 1989) and the Danish Birgitte Lykke Madsen (1960).
Rivers, lakes and seas are sometimes the protagonists of the works, some others they are the characterizing part of a landscape, or a piece of more complex and dynamic compositions, enriched by figures.
Subjects range from the so stormy sea of Joukov or, conversely, the calm and mediterranean Amalfi coast of Corbelli, to the Breton harbors of Cahours, from the bright water games by Nikolai Tereshenko to the lonely boat by Birgitte Lykke Madsen, whose peaceful chromatism gives voice to an intimate landscape.

The exhibition will remain open until May 7, 2017.


31 March 2017