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THE RUSSIAN SCHOOL OF ART. 20 years after the first exhibition

22 November 2013 @ 00:00

It has been over twenty years since the Pirra Art Gallery organised the first exhibition of Russian painting, opening the path to the artistic exploration in the Ex Soviet Union. This ongoing research never stopped and we took the opportunity of this anniversary to present for the first time, alongside artists now familiar such as Gleb Savinov, Olga Bogaevskaja and Nadezhda Vorobieva, new painters, all born in the first twenty years of the twentieth century and whose works in the exhibition are dated mainly between the fifties and sixties. The authors before never exhibited in our Gallery are: Sergej Pankratov (Nizhniy Novgorod, 1905 – St. Petersburg, 1975), representative of the St. Petersburg School; Rina Sinelnikova (1916 – 2005), a brilliant graphic artist whose production ranges from drawings to engravings and watercolors; Nikolaj Trunov (Zemlyansk, 1924 – Voronezh, 2009), whose favourite subjects are figures and portraits; Aleksej Ryabikov (Kostroma, 1908-2000), with a small oil dated ’50s depicting a girl intent to embroider; Vladimir Andreev (1910-1955), with two oils, including a study, with children as the subject, Ivan Dereberya (Varenovka, 1923), master of light and its modulations. There will also be Evsey Reshin (Bukhara, 1916 – Moscow, 1978), exhibited only once before, and now present with a study of a girl and an interior with woman reading, and a beautiful still life with flowers by Nikolai Tolkunov (Novosurino, 1917 – Moscow, 1996).

The exhibition runs until January 12, 2014.

Some of the paintings on display


22 November 2013