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28 November 2014 @ 00:00

Exhibition of paintings whose only common denominator is the small size.
There will be, in fact, authors of different origins and period: Russian post-impressionist painters in which the gallery is specialized (among others Savinov Lavrenko and Smekalov), the Italians Da Milano and Corbelli, French artists, including Cahours, Petitjean and Guirand of ScĂ©vola, and new ones that the gallery is pleased to present. These are the two Russian painters Klara Vlassova (Moscow, 1926), with two lovely studies of young skaters, and Fedor Yusov (Kurganinsk, 1915-1998), with a small horizontal view of a regatta perfectly balanced in composition and color, young Uzbek Camolgion Babaev (Tashkent, 1978), with a typical subject of his motherland, and the Danish artist Birgitte Lykke Madsen (Odense, 1960), with two original subjects: a night swimming and a “freeze frame” of spectators at the theater.
The other works, whose subjects range from landscapes to genre scenes, from still life to the figure, are both finished works both “notes” for larger paintings. The last ones are often expression of a more instinctive and genuine artistic production.

The exhibition will be open until 18 January 2015.


28 November 2014