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7 September 2015 @ 00:00

Russian painters adhering to the solid academic setting, referring directly to the French tradition of impressionist and post-impressionist painting. These artists were born for the most between 1920s and 30s, worked in an historical period that had virtually wiped relations with the West, but they were able to establish a sort of temporal bridge between the prerevolutionary age and contemporaneity, a kind of “protected reserve” of figurative painting. These artists are representative of a painting coming from a solid academic base, developing into a personal language and choosing everyday life subjects, landscapes and still life with a strong emotional suggestion. Aleksej and Sergej Tkacev, Boris Lavrenko, Dmitrij Kosmin, Georgij Moroz, Gleb Savinov, Maya Kopitzeva, Nadejda Vorobieva, Leonid Vaichlia are some of the most representative exponents of the Moscow and Saint Petersburg Schools.


7 September 2015