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RICCARDO TALIANO – A time travel

16 October 2015 @ 00:00

A retrospective exhibition of Riccardo Taliano (1929 – 2012), a painter from Turin of rare sensibility and intense lyricism.

The selected works, a corpus of about 50 paintings and watercolors from the sixties to 2000, are the summary of an intensive dialogue with reality and the example of an expressive measure that belongs to the figurative culture of the second half of the twentieth century.
As Angelo Mistrangelo notes in the critical text of the catalog: “A renewed interest around the works of Taliano is an opportunity to connect past and present and to remember painters and sculptors of his time …”. The exhibition runs through fantastic-surreal pictorial pages, like a journey through time, in memories, revealing his artistic path. It is thus possible to trace the steps of an activity that has grown continuously, but always hovering between dream and reality, fairy tale and verisimilitude, past and present, with the desire to convey even the most subtle emotions that mark the existence. Painting is for Taliano a way to have a close dialogue with his inner self and with everyday life.

In clear skies or in rarefied atmospheres of metaphysical landscapes, there are figures pushed by the wind, ships, kites and doves that evoke the mystery of life and the magic of a fairy tale.

Opening at 5.30 p. m.

Opening hours: from Monday to Saturday 9,30-12,30; 15,30-19,30. Open on Sunday morning.


16 October 2015