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PINO MANOS Sinchronicity

20 October 2023 @ 18:00 - 19 November 2023 @ 19:00

Pino Manos (Sassari 1930 – Milan 2020) is an artist and a free man of great sensitivity, whose activity moves in multiple dimensions: art, culture, philosophy, spiritual research.
The Pirra Gallery is proud to host a solo exhibition for the first time in Turin, curated by Tommaso Polleschi, that aims to enhance his creativity, sensitivity, versatility, dexterity in handling colors and materials, and his ability to translate an inner yearning into form, masterfully intertwining painting, sculpture and architecture.
The research of Manos – who in 1951 moved to Milan, where he became friend, among others, with Enrico Castellani, Agostino Bonalumi, Bruno Munari and Lucio Fontana – fits into the Spatialism, a movement of the Sixties, but his previous works had already explored the infinite spaces of the cosmos.
Eleven monochrome synchronic works on canvas and six mixed techniques on paper were selected for the exhibition, always linked to the research on synchronicity and spatial consciousness. The colors of the canvases are created with pure pigments energized by the artist’s preparation and meditation; at first glance the reds might all seem the same, as do the blues and the blacks, but it’s just an impression. The twisting of the strings, the shadows, create a thousand facets and suggestions that influence the colors, creating unique effects.
Manos sees where the human eye cannot reach, he finds extreme speed in rest and he listens where the common man perceives only silence. Through his works he transmits vibrations, which are transformed into energies that invest man in his interiority and become a nutrient for the soul.
On the occasion of the exhibition the catalog Sincronicità will be presented.


20 October 2023 @ 18:00
19 November 2023 @ 19:00