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LUISA ALBERT – The Shape of Light

May 30 @ 18:00 - July 14 @ 12:30

The Art Gallery Pirra will be closed from Saturday 22nd to Monday 24th June 2024.

“Dedicating an exhibition to light is as obvious as it is inevitable. Paying homage to light is the task of every painter.” As it emerges from the artist’s words, Luisa Albert’s solo exhibition, which the Pirra Gallery has once again the pleasure of hosting, is, therefore, a tribute to light and its immense possibilities. Born in Turin, pupil of the artist Ottavio Mazzonis, Albert’s works reveal a taste for tradition, assimilated, reworked and transferred to the present through an evocative figurative language.

Light is the fundamental element for the creation of a painting, it makes the three-dimensional perception of objects and environments possible, it attributes quality to surfaces, it creates atmospheres and even sounds or silences through the chromatic dominants. The ability to read light, give it shape, understand its peculiarities and interpret its potential is a fundamental factor for the artist, who, far from imitating photography – the pictorial fabric of her canvases, in fact, is clearly visible to the eye – aims to seduce the observer by returning authentic images, whose purity is accompanied by an intense imaginative realism, and, in this sense, even the titles of the works prove eloquent. Albert tell us: “In parallel with light, colors and music always accompany me while I work. The colors are visible, while I hope the music is equally perceptible in the compositions and in the atmospheres of the paintings. Pause, object, pause, pause are for me the notes placed on the canvas.”

The domestic interiors are rich of intimacy, almost of contemplation, with a dense and suspended atmosphere, imbued with life even though the human presence is not visible, but only intuitable; welcoming living rooms in which light and shadow skillfully communicate, environments that silently tell stories, as, for example, in the work Silent moon. Still lifes, on the other hand, are harmonious and refined compositions with perfect balance, exemplary, among many, the painting And Still; in them everything is balanced, everything is essential, nothing is superfluous: the objects, the lights, the colours, the spaces, as on a stage, go on stage, highlighting the skill of the artist – impeccable interpreter of a masterful game of counterpoints – in combining executive frankness with a refined expressive talent.


May 30 @ 18:00
July 14 @ 12:30