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28 September 2016 @ 00:00

The Pirra Art Gallery, in Turin for almost fifty years, is happy to inaugurate, always in Corso Vittorio Emanuele 82, the new spaces, more intimate, but completely renovated, with an exhibition dedicated to Henry Maurice Cahours. The choice of Cahours was dictated by what this artist means for the Gallery, that is to say a sort of symbol of conjunction between past and present, the renewal of a long tradition of offering artistic suggestions that over time they found more and more confirmations. Stefano Pirra’s activity, in fact, began in 1969 in via Bava with exhibitions of the highest level, including the drawings of Pierre Auguste Renoir. Since 1971, the Gallery in Corso Cairoli hosted solo exhibitions of internationally renowned artists such as Amedeo Modigliani, Léopold Survage, Maurice Utrillo, Louis Valtat, Moise Kisling, Max Jacob, and Italian nineteenth century masters, including Giacomo Grosso and Giovan Battista Quadrone, as well as group exhibitions, such as Pointillisme, Tra l’Impressionismo e il Liberty, Da Pissarro a Marquet, Ottocento italiano e francese. The focus of the gallery, however, has never been addressed exclusively to the renowned artists but also to the lesser-known, indeed very talented ones, promoting their work through exhibitions, catalogs and monographs. This is the case of Edgardo Corbelli and, of course, Henry Maurice Cahours, still two of the most representative artists we deal with. Since 1985, the Gallery is in Corso Vittorio, where the curriculum enriched with prestigious exhibitions, remember Kees Van Dongen, but especially where it began, in 1992, the first of a long series of exhibitions dedicated to the Russian Post-impressionist Masters of Moscow and St. Petersburg, a field in which the gallery is now specialized, the result of an artistic exploration that never stopped.
Presented in 1973 in the group exhibition Montparnasse and the School of Paris and, the following year, in a solo exhibition with a monographic general catalog of his work by Angelo Mistrangelo, Henry Maurice Cahours, after many other exhibitions the last of which in 2011, is again in our Gallery to tell us his pictorial adventure. We can meet once again his world, oils and watercolors, made of Brittany seascapes, Montmartre, the Seine, lonely tree-lined avenues, beaches, small villages and fishermen. It is still so striking how Cahours is able to create poetic atmospheres and harmonies, catching always the right light and stopping it on the canvas. As he said: “I am not one of those great artists that recreate nature … nor one of those who offer to the public an inner life that seems a puzzle. I’m just an old painter, for whom the air and the light have been and will always be the fundamental principles of painting. “


28 September 2016