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13 April 2019 @ 00:00

After the large format, an exhibition dedicated exclusively to the small and very small works by the painters of the Gallery.
The exhibition brings together artists who are very distant in terms of education and age. Soviet Post Impressionists will be displayed, in particular the very small oils (cm. 10 x 15) by Gleb Savinov, those by Boris Lavrenko and the delicious watercolors by Marina Uspenskaya, one of the most famous Russian illustrators of children’s books (Playing with the squirrels, 1956, cm. 27 x 20). Among the Italians, Giulio Da Milano, one of the major representatives of the artistic culture of the thirties and forties in Turin, with a 1937 watercolor (Fish, cm. 17,5 x 13,5), a 1953 amusing study of dogs and a pastel depicting colorful odalisques (cm. 19 x 15) and, with a temporal leap of over half a century, the contemporary Andrea Pescio with his unmistakable watercolors with a dreamlike aura. Of course, we cannot miss the “miniature” masterpieces of Henry Maurice Cahours, able to create a poetic and suggestive atmosphere, stopping the light and playing with nuances, both in very large works and, if not more, in those with reduced size (Falaise, 20 x 17 cm).
The subjects range from landscapes to domestic interiors, but also to themes that are difficult to classify in a specific genre, such as the Danish aquatic atmospheres of Birgitte Lykke Madsen or the already mentioned works by Pescio.


13 April 2019
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