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Birgitte Lykke Madsen. Water and Sand, Denmark

April 19 @ 17:00 - May 19 @ 19:00


The Art Gallery Pirra is pleased to host again a solo exhibition of the Danish painter Birgitte Lykke Madsen. Born in 1960 in Odense, where she attended the Academy of Fine Arts and where she lives and works, Lykke Madsen has directed her pictorial research towards specific interests, which have often taken shape  into the theme of the relationship between man and water. The works on display are the result of the Danske Billeder (Danish Images) project, which started in 2020 due to and in “response” to the pandemic. The not only metaphorical urgency to go out, to move, to fully experience time and space, pushed Lykke Madsen to explore Denmark – with trekking shoes and a drawing pad on which to take notes – in search of of its most authentic and uncontaminated landscapes. Thanks to this immersion in nature, the oils on display are works full of suggestions, in which the story is not told completely, but emerges like a frame from a film. Like many snapshots along the way, the artist captures the essence of Danish nature and draws inspiration from it. Thus, next to the typical figures immersed in water, we find women walking absorbed on the shoreline and unexpected landscapes, so “open” and devoid of human presence that they seem almost surreal, even in the colors. Regardless of the subject, Lykke Madsen’s canvases invite you to dream without limits, they are works in front of which thoughts remain suspended somewhere between memory and the present, between figuration and illusion.


April 19 @ 17:00
May 19 @ 19:00