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28 September 2013 @ 00:00

The sea has always been a strong element of inspiration for artists, especially in the nineteenth century, when painters were more interested in the rendering of light and in the atmospheric changes. Since that period even the beach and the new social habits start to become an interesting subject. Part of the works in the current exhibition represent the beach essentially as a landscape, others concentrate on the environment, on bathers and on beach life in general. This overview of pictures allows also to make a comparison among artists from different cultures, Russian, French and Italian. We emphasize on two works recently acquired: a 1972 tempera an important exponent of the School of Moscow, Evsey Reshin (Bukhara, 1916 – Moscow, 1978) and a 1950 oil of one of the brightest representatives of the School of St. Petersburg, Mikhail Natarevich (Vitebsk, 1907 – Saint Petersburg, 1979). Very nice is the series of small size studies of Palanga beaches (Lithuania) made in the ’60s by another great exponent of the School of St. Petersburg, Gleb Savinov (Charkev 1915 – St. Petersburg, 2000). Striking is the subject of a low tide of Pite Sarranof, author of Russian origin living in France. Among the Italian painters, we stress the presence of two powerful oils of Edgardo Corbelli (Turin, 1918 – 1989 ) made in the ’50s and the chromatically bright coasts of Fernando Farulli (Florence, 1923 – 1997). The exhibition couldn’t miss Henry Maurice Cahours (Paris, 1889 – Vence, 1974), an extraordinary interpreter of the light and of the atmospheres of the northern coasts of France.


28 September 2013