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11 February 2016 @ 00:00

The exhibition is a tribute to the “little genre”, domestic scenes, interiors and still lifes that reveal the beauty of simple, little things. Filtered by the eye of the painter, seemingly trivial subjects appear unique, routine becomes a series of rare moments, the ordinary looks extraordinary.
The Russian post impressionists, in particular, are extraordinary performers of this kind of painting because, throughout their career, in parallel with political and propaganda subjects that were commissioned, they have always cultivated their passion and talent by portraying the life around them. Examples of this are Gleb Savinov and Olga Bogaevsky, husband and wife from the School of St. Petersburg, who have created in their works intimate and familiar atmospheres. They have found in the simplicity of everyday life an aesthetic ideal, because what seems “obvious” may offer an unexpected point of view, a subtle nuance can become dominant, as well as a detail turn into protagonist. Among the other Russian authors there are Nadezhda Vorobieva, in which artistic production the theme of childhood dominates, Igor Smekalov, with female figures, concentrated in their thoughts into vaguely metaphysical interiors, and Maya Kopitzeva, whose still lifes tell about “home” more than many domestic scenes.
In the exhibition there will not be only Russian painters but also other artists, including the Italian Enzo Faraoni and Giulio Da Milano.

The exhibition will be open till 10 April 2016.

Opening hours: from Monday to Saturday 9,30-12,30; 15,30-19,30. Open on Sunday morning.


11 February 2016