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The Pirra Art Gallery was founded in Turin in 1969 and since then has hosted prestigious exhibitions with internationally known artists, such as Pierre Auguste Renoir, Amedeo Modigliani, Maurice Utrillo, Giacomo Grosso, Kees Van Dongen.

Simultaneously, the Gallery has also concentrated on lesser-known talents and contributed to give value to their work organizing exhibitions, even abroad, and publishing catalogues and monographs. Among the most representative ones, there are Edgardo Corbelli, a painter with a strongly expressionist imprint, Giulio Da Milano, linked to the Turin artistic scene during the 30s and the 40s, the Florentine Enzo Faraoni, artist of rare lyrism and the French Henry Maurice Cahours, extraordinary poet of the light.

Since 1992 the Gallery has been carrying out a work of research and diffusion of some important Russian painters, born in the 20s and 30s, coming from the Moscow and Saint Petersburg Schools. Among the most representative artists of the so-called Soviet Post Impressionism, there are Aleksej and Sergej Tkacev, Boris Lavrenko, Dmitrij Kosmin, Georgij Moroz, Gleb Savinov, Olga Bogaevskaja, Maya Kopitzeva. Their works, selected by the Gallery and resulting from a path that runs parallel to the regime art, have nothing to do with the propaganda topics and represent everyday life subjects, landscapes and still lifes with strong emotional suggestions. Russian, but more recent, are the works by Igor Smekalov, whose references to Casorati and Morandi reveal the different artistic training of the painter, born in 1965.

Since 2015 new authors enriched the Gallery, among them the Italian Andrea Pescio and Luisa Albert, and the Danish Birgitte Lykke Madsen.