Saturday 14 January 2017

Snow and cold are the common thread of the works on exhibition. The majority of the authors are among the most important representatives of the Russian Post-Impressionist schools of Moscow and St. Petersburg, including Georgij Moroz, Boris Lavrenko, Nikolaj Latyshenko, Dmitry Kosmin, Leonid Vaichlia. These artists have such a feeling with the cold season that they succeed in representing this theme in all its aspects, even in an extremely joyful way, unlike what it usually happens in our pictorial tradition.
The originality of this aspect makes particularly interesting the pictorial itinerary of the show, which presents very different and fascinating subjects: unusual landscapes, everyday life scenes, big cities and small whitewashed villages, geese squawking among snowdrifts, people wrapped in a hushed silence. Regardless of what they represent, all the works evoke a magical and enchanting atmosphere.

Selection of works in the current exhibition

Near the hay - WINTER
Near the hay (O-18)
Stream in spring - WINTER
Stream in spring (V-43)
Evening walk - WINTER
Evening walk (Ovcharov)
At the source - WINTER
At the source (M-483)
House in the wood - WINTER
House in the wood (L-306)
Lopino (village) - WINTER
Lopino (village) (L-173)
Near lake Ladoga - WINTER
Near lake Ladoga (SG-168)
Winter - WINTER
Winter (M-603)
Firs (M-75)
Winter light - WINTER
Winter light (L-115)
Frost - WINTER
Frost (M-214)
Early sun - WINTER
Early sun (M-408)
St. George Cathedral, Novgorod - WINTER
St. George Cathedral, Novgorod (T-107)