Tuesday 03 December 2019

A thematic exhibition focused on the color white, with its many shades. White becomes a transversal element that connects works by authors, subjects, periods, dimensions, techniques and different cultural environments. This expressive choice stimulates the focusing of the subject and leads the viewer on the essential aspects of visible reality: the forms, the portions of space they occupy, the reactions to a light source, the shadow they project.
Among the painters there are the Russian Post Impressionists, such as Georgij Moroz, Boris Lavrenko, Leonid Vaichlia, Gleb Savinov, Maya Kopitzeva, the Italian Edgardo Corbelli, Enzo Faraoni, Luisa Albert, Andrea Pescio; the French Henry Maurice Cahours and Ernest Godfrinon and others.

The exhibition will be open until 19 January 2020.

Opening hours: from Monday to Saturday 9,30-12,30; 15,30-19,30. Sunday: 10-12,30.

Selection of works in the current exhibition

Souvenir of dismantled railway - WHITE
Souvenir of dismantled railway (Taliano 1982)
Spring - WHITE
Spring (SG-335)
Birch forest - WHITE
Birch forest (V-88)
Flowers on the table - WHITE
Flowers on the table (777-X)
Just snowed - WHITE
Just snowed (M-638)
Shadows - WHITE
Shadows (LB7)
Dame de qualité assise au salon - WHITE
Dame de qualité assise au salon (Godfrinon)
Model in white - WHITE
Model in white (3323)
Black river, St. Petersburg - WHITE
Black river, St. Petersburg (L-117)
Stream in winter - WHITE
Stream in winter (M-651)
Les falaises aux Petites Dalles - WHITE
Les falaises aux Petites Dalles (Cahours)
St. George Cathedral, Novgorod - WHITE
St. George Cathedral, Novgorod (T-107)
Interior - WHITE
Interior (SM-13)