Going to school - VSEVOLOD SOLODOV
Going to school (Vsevolod Solodov )

Vsevolod SOLODOV (Rzhev, 1930 – 2011)

Vsevolod Solodov was born in 1930 in the small town of Rzhev in the Tverskoy Region. He graduated from the Moscow 1905 Art College in the theatrical design department and for many years worked as the main art director for the Drama Theatre in Tver. During his career as an art director and painter, Solodov staged approximately 92 plays, from the end of 1950s participated in many Regional, Republican, All-Union and International exhibitions and in 1960 he became a member of the USSR Artist’s Union. In 1980 his solo exhibition was held in Tver Fine Arts Museum and in 1998 he was awarded the title of Honoured Artist of Russia. Presently, Vsevolod Solodov is known as a predominant artist of Tver City. Solodov, already a skilled workman, found contentment in easel painting. He became particularly enchanted with his ability to portray nature and in all of her rich abundance. Choosing themes, which revolve around seasons of the year and segments of the day, Solodov integrates a softness and tenderness within his works through the use of colour and perspective. Vsevolod Solodov is renowned for his numerous Tver City landscapes. The artist created paintings of modern Soviet Tver full of industrial, yet romantically painted details of historical Tver City with its old, wooden houses and slow paced, quiet life. Needless to say, Solodov, as an accomplished designer made invaluable contributions to the interiors of the public buildings and industrial enterprises of his beloved city. Together with his colleagues, Nickolay Dochkin and Boris Zaprudnov, also popular Tver artists, he designed the interior of the Tver Puppet Theatre and the Tver House of Nuptials.

Tver, Regional Art Gallery
Tver, State United Museum
Rzhev, Fine Arts Museum
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Moscow, Bakhrushin Central Theatre Museum