Bathing in Belaya river - VLADIMIR ANDREEV
Bathing in Belaya river (Andreev2)

Vladimir ANDREEV (1910 - 1955)

Vladimir Andreev was born in 1910 in a village of Bashkiria, close to Ufa in a blue collar worker family. He studied art at the Ufa College, where he graduated in 1930. He was among those who introduced a professional approach in fine arts in Bashkiria and founded the Bashkir branch of the Union of Artists, leading it for many years, together with Tulkin, Ledbedev, Blumental, Khramov and others. In 1937 he became the director of the Nesterov Bashkirian State Art Museum. The main collection of the museum consists of the artworks from Nesterov’s own extensive collection of paintings by prominent Russian artists. Andreev lead a long correspondence with Mikhail Nesterov and his input into the museum’s collection is immense. Andreev’s own art work is broad and talented, it covers various genres and is presented by miniatures as well as monumental paintings. He traveled around Bashkiria, working on rural lyrical landscapes, but he was fascinated as well by the industrial city landscapes and by the oilfields. He created many portraits and many of these were of children. He was awarded the Medal of Honor in 1955.


Ufa, Bashkirian State Art Museum Nesterov