Running fox - UGO POZZO
Running fox (Pozzo)

Ugo POZZO (Turin 1900 – 1981)

Ugo Pozzo was born in Turin on July 5,1900. From 1919 to 1921 he began to exhibit his first Futurist paintings with Tullio Alpinolo Bracci and Luigi Colombo (Fillia). These are almost clandestine exhibitions held in basements, clubs and suburban ballrooms. On March 5, 1923 he founded the Futurist Group of Turin with Fillia and Bracci and from that moment he began an active and constant participation in the most important Futurist art exhibitions of the time, both Italian and international.
In 1927, after a lot of difficulties, Pozzo and his futurist friends conquered a room at the Quadriennale of Turin, where the largest and most complete Futurist Art Exhibition of the time will take place, a prelude to subsequent participation at the Venice Biennale.
His talent finds expression not only in the field of painting but also in sculpture, caricature, advertising and editorial graphics, furniture, animation cinema and the design and production of wooden toys. Between 1931 and 1932 he lived and worked in Paris.
After the Second World War, when the Futurist season ended, Pozzo continued to develop his pictorial research in solitude, passing through pioneering informal experiments, up to reinterpretation of the personal style that had characterized his Futurist works. From the 1960s he held several personal exhibitions throughout Italy, until his death in Turin in 1981.
His modest character, the poor circulation of his works in the post-war period and some "forgetful" critics, have contributed to obscuring his memory and hindering the right placement in the context of the so-called Second Futurism.