Futuristic figure - TULLIO CRALI
Futuristic figure (Crali)

Tullio CRALI (Igalo, Montenegro 1910 – Milan 2000)

Tullio Crali was born in 1910 in Igalo, in Dalmatia (now Montenegro), but soon his family moved to Zadar where he had his first, decisive “meeting” with an airplane, a seaplane that landed right in front of his house.
In Gorizia, where he has been living since 1922, he attends the Technical Institute and begins to demonstrate his artistic skills. In 1925 he discovered Futurism and remained faithful to it throughout his life.
In 1928 he flies for the first time and the following year, the one in which the Futurist aerial painting is born, he gets in touch with Filippo Tommaso Marinetti and officially enters the movement. Despite his young age, Crali plays a significant role in aeropainting. His first works (1929) represent military aircrafts. In the thirties they become realistic, with the intention of communicating the experience of flight to the spectator. His best known work, Incuneandosi nell'abitato (1939), shows an aerial dive from the pilot's point of view, with the buildings below represented in a dizzying perspective.
After his first exhibitions in Italy, in 1932 Marinetti invited him to exhibit in Paris in the first exhibition of Italian aerial painters. The following years, until the immediate post-war period, see Crali as the undisputed protagonist of the Italian Futurist art scene. He also devotes himself to his other great interest: poetry. In the Fifties he lives in Paris and from 1962 to 1966 in Cairo.
Back in Italy he resumed his Futurist commitment vigorously, participating in exhibitions and lectures. In 1977 he created a Futurist Documentation Center for students in his studio in Milan. His participation in prestigious exhibitions in Italy and abroad continues in the following years. In 1994, the Rovereto MART dedicated a large solo exhibition to him, including paintings, sculptures, multi-materials and posters. At the Museum the artist donates not only a big number of works, but also a large nucleus of documentary material on Futurism, collected in the last twenty years of his life.