Hills n. 1 - SERGIO ALBANO
Hills n. 1 (Albano)

Sergio ALBANO (Turin, 1939 – 2008)

Sergio Albano was born in Turin in 1939.
He studied at the Art School and at the Art Academy Albertina in Turin. Since 1956 he participated in major festivals in Turin a national character, the Promoter Society of Fine Arts and Artistic Cultural Piedmont. E 'was invited to the White Group Quadrennial & White, Contemporary Art organized by Friendly City. He has exhibited in prestigious galleries in Turin, the Man of Paris Art Gallery, the Art Expo in Geneva and New York, the Art Gallery Museum in Jinan, China.
He executed murals in various locations in Piedmont. Some of his works are reproduced on the cover of copyright books for various publishers (Mondadori, Rizzoli, De Agostini), others have appeared in films and television dramas (Barbara, directed by Angelo Orlando, Virginia, the nun of Monza, directed by Alberto Sironi, Fathers and sons, directed by Gianni Zanasi). He also collaborated with the theater company Vittorio Alfieri for some scenic realizations. In 1991, 1996 and 2001 she won the first prize in the prestigious national competition Gaudenzio Ferrari Santhià; participation in several international events have been reported with awards and critical accolades.
He taught at the Art School picture first, then in private institutions in Turin and finally at the National School of Film Animation in Chieri (TO). At the Turin studio which was, among others, by Umberto Mastroianni and Charles Terzolo, has created a school of painting, the Group of Art Via Perrone, now under the guidance of the painter Marco Piva, with whom he has organized exhibitions painting and cultural activities.
It disappeared in 2008.