Express (Garretto)

PAOLO GARRETTO (Neaples 1903 – Montecarlo 1989)

Paolo Garretto studied in Brera and Rome Fine Art Academies. While still a student, he distinguished himself as a skilled caricaturist making his debut in satirical magazines such as "Il Pasquino" and "Travaso delle idee". He then collaborated with some prestigious Italian and foreign newspapers, including "Il Giornale d'Italia", "La Tribuna", "New Yorker", "Vanity Fair" and "Vogue". His copious graphic production ranges from billboards to cinema, always marked by a humorous taste, with notable characterization of the subjects and immediacy of the advertising message. He worked a lot abroad, especially in the United States. After the war he worked for the Italian magazine "Epoca". In 1956 he was awarded the Gold Medal by the Italian Advertising Federation.
With his drawings Garretto portrayed an impressive portion of 20th century history, emerging as one of the most interesting renovators of graphics, advertising painting and posters in both elegance of the composition and application of new or unusual graphic techniques.