Bedside table - LUISA ALBERT
Bedside table (Bedside)
Teapot (Teapot)
The blue room - LUISA ALBERT
The blue room (Lcb)
Good morning! - LUISA ALBERT
Good morning! (A-2)
The favourite one - LUISA ALBERT
The favourite one (A-1)

Luisa Albert was born in Turin, Italy where she currently lives and works.
In 1989 she enrolled at the Istituto Europeo di Design in Milan and around that time she began working for publishing houses as an illustrator.
In 1992 she graduated with a degree in Illustration.
She began to study painting with Ottavio Mazzonis who has continued to be a major influence and advisor.
Her work as an illustrator has been surpassed by her love for painting.
Her first participation in an art exhibition was at the Galleria Dantesca in Turin in 1996.
In addition to participating in several art exhibitions, she has made portraits of members of the regional council, which are displayed in the Presidents Hall in Palazzo Lascaris, as well as portraits of members of the business community.