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Cotton flowers in blue and yellow - LUISA ALBERT
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The favourite one - LUISA ALBERT
The favourite one (A-1)

Luisa Albert was born in Turin, Italy where she currently lives and works.
In 1989 she enrolled at the Istituto Europeo di Design in Milan and around that time she began working for publishing houses as an illustrator. In 1992 she graduated with a degree in Illustration.
She began to study painting with Ottavio Mazzonis who has continued to be a major influence and advisor. Her work as an illustrator has been surpassed by her love for painting. Her first participation in an art exhibition was at the Galleria Dantesca in Turin in 1996.
In addition to participating in several art exhibitions, she has made portraits of members of the regional council, which are displayed in the Presidents Hall in Palazzo Lascaris, as well as portraits of members of the business community.


1996 Galleria Dantesca, Turin
1997 Galleria Davico (Works on Paper), Turin
1998 Galleria Dantesca, Turin
1998 Galleria Davico (The Nude), Turin
1998 Galleria Del Cenasco, Moncalieri, Turin
1998 Artissima stand Galleria del Cenasco, Turin
1999 Galleria Davico (Bestiary), Turin
1999 Galleria Dantesca (Animalier), Turin
2000 Galleria Amber, Limmen, The Netherlands
2000 Galleria De Stavelji, Haarlem, The Netherlands
2000 Francis Iles Gallery (Autumn Exhibition), Rochester, UK
2001 Galleria Caffè Vergnano, Chieri, Turin
2001 Galleria Losano, with Piera Luisolo, Pinerolo,Turin
2001 Castello della Contessa Adelaide, Susa, Turin
2002 Galleria La Capitale (Regard Poetique), Paris
2005 Galleria 44, Turin
2007 Galleria Davico (Piedmontese Pens), Turin
2007 Ristorante Monferrato (La Gran Madre), Turin
2007 Palazzo Antinori (Per… Bacco!), Florence
2008 Palazzo Marenco, Turin
2008 Galleria 44, Turin
2008 Torre Campanaria di Benevagienna, Cuneo
2009 Galleria 44, Turin
2009 Sede Centrale Unicredit, Turin
2009 Galleria Davico, Turin
2009 “Casa Italia” (Winter Olimpic Games), Vancouver, Canada
2010 Galleria 44, Turin
2010 Associazione Argonauti, Collegno, Turin
2010 Altarpiece “San Michele Arcangelo”, Rocca di Cento Chapel, Ferrara (first prize)
2010 Galleria Davico (Davico, 40 years), Turin
2011 Francis Iles Gallery, Rochester, UK
2011 Atelier Bibi (Paint & Predjudice), Turin
2012 Galleria Forni, Bologna
2012 Collegio San Giuseppe (Sotto ‘l Velame de li Versi Strani), Turin
2012 Francis Iles Gallery, Rochester, UK
2012 Verona Art Fair, stand Galleria Forni, Verona
2013 Galleria Benappi (Contrasts), Turin
2013 Francis Iles Gallery, Rochester, UK
2013 Galleria Benappi (Artistic Jewels), Turin
2014 St’Art, stand Galleria Forni, Strasburg
2014 Davico Arte (Hidden souls), Turin
2014 Galerie Friedman-Hahn, Berlin
2014 Archivio di Stato (Journey in Artistic Places), Turin
2015 Davico Arte per Malartrust, Spaziosobrio, Turin
2015 Centro Culturale Zerouno, Barletta
2016 Galleria Forni (12 women artists), Bologna
2016 Verona Art Fair, stand Galleria Forni, Verona
2016 Works on Paper, stand Francis Iles Gallery, London
2016 Galleria Tre Torchi, Turin
2017 Verona Art Fair, stand Galleria Forni, Verona
2017 Wopart, stand Galleria Forni, Lugano (CH)
2017 Anthological, Pianezza, Turin
2017 Grandart, stand Galleria Forni, Milan
2017 Liconi Arte, Turin
2017 Galleria Forni (50 years), Bologna
2017 St’Art, stand Galleria Forni, Strasburg
2018 Liconi Arte, Turin
2018 Galleria Forni (Moonlight), Bologna