Untitled (ROC)

Luigi ROCCATI (Chieri, Turin 1906 – 1967)

Animated since he was young by intense passions (painting, archeology, botanical), Roccati discovered his artistic vocation with Angelico Pistarino, a Dominican Father who exhibited also at Venetian Biennals. Together they paint and discuss about art. He debuted in 1944 at Palazzo Balbiano in Chieri. In the following years, he participated in several exhibitions in Turin, but his real debut dates back to 1951, when he set up his first solo at the gallery "La Bussola" in Turin; another solo exhibition was set up in 1956 at the “Circolo degli Artisti”, always in Turin. He was present at all the principal artistic events, such as “Promotrice”, Roman “Quadriennali”, the Milanese “Verritrè”. The solo at the “Piemonte Artistico e Culturale” Gallery was held in 1960.