Birch forest - LEONID VAICHLIA
Birch forest (V-88)
Stream in spring - LEONID VAICHLIA
Stream in spring (V-43)
Spring (V-132)
Karelia (V-261)
The end of winter - LEONID VAICHLIA
The end of winter (V- 175)
Boats in the bay - LEONID VAICHLIA
Boats in the bay (V-216)
Summer (V-179)
Hills, Volchov  - LEONID VAICHLIA
Hills, Volchov (V-126)
Lake Bolgovskoie - LEONID VAICHLIA
Lake Bolgovskoie (V-224)
Sunset (V-253)
The red colours of autumn - LEONID VAICHLIA
The red colours of autumn (V-239)
Near the lake Ladoga - LEONID VAICHLIA
Near the lake Ladoga (V-211)

Leonid VAICHLIA (St. Petersburg, 1922)

Born in 1922, he studied with Yuri Neprintcev at the Fine Arts Academy of St. Petersburg, where he lived and worked. He was member of the Union of the Russian Artists of St. Petersburg. Since 1951 he regularly exhibited his works in Russia and abroad. In his life Vaichlia passed through the traumatic political, social and cultural experiences that have quickly transformed his country. Nevertheless his works are the proof of an almost timeless world in which the years and the progress did not affect a sort of deep serenity. Vaichlia had a traditional figurative background and in his paintings some aspects stand out: a good sense of the space, a strong feeling for landscapes and for the peasant world, a great love for horses, that are portraits in freedom, in the stable or while working in the fields, and above all a deep respect for Nature.

Works by Leonid Vaichlia can be found in private collections in Europe, Japan, United States and in the following museums:

Mosca, The Ministry of Culture Collection
Mosca, Central Museum of the Soviet Army
San Pietroburgo, History Museum
San Pietroburgo, Museum of the October Revolution
Rostov, Russian Art Gallery
Novgorod, Fine Arts Museum
Chadrinsk, Fine Arts Museum

Works by Leonid Vaichlia are permanently dealt by the Pirra Art Gallery and are published in coloured monographs edited by the Gallery.