Boats on the lagoon - GIUSEPPE DANIELI
Boats on the lagoon (Danieli)

Giuseppe DANIELI (Belluno 1865 – Verona 1931)

He was a student at the Fine Arts Academy in Venice, where he trained with Luigi Nono, who passed on to him the passion for luministic research and the rich palette, influencing his style especially in early paintings; he also assimilated the lessons of the other Venetians who in those years had chosen the themes of landscape and genre painting, in particular Favretto and Guglielmo and Giuseppe Ciardi.
From 1897 he began a very intense exhibition activity, which culminated with the III Venice Biennale (1899), where his predilection for the study of twilight light effects in the landscape was reconfirmed and where he was able to broaden his cultural horizons as never before.
His vast production over the years remained fundamentally faithful to the artistic ways and themes of his training.
In addition to painting Danieli dedicated his life to teaching drawing in professional schools, staying and moving to various regions. At the same time, he continued its exhibition activity throughout Italy and also abroad.
His first and only personal exhibition, when he was alive, was set up in 1917 in Cuneo and some of the works on display were purchased by the Bra Museum. His stay in Cuneo gave him the opportunity for trips to the alpine valleys and for excursions in the high mountains, which offered him countless landscape ideas.
In his last works he left landscape subjects to prefer more intimate and family life scenes. He remained reluctant to the currents of the early twentieth century and to the avant-gardes, stayed linked to a fidelity to truth typical of easel painting, in which he was really terrific at.