Composition with guitar - GIULIO D’ANNA
Composition with guitar (D'Anna)

Giulio D’ANNA (Villa Rosa 1908 – Messina 1978)

When his father died, with his mother he moved to Partitico in the province of Palermo, coming into contact with the intellectual world of Palermo through his older brother Giacomo, who worked in the Trimarchi bookshop.
Then he moved to Messina and began working at the Principato bookshop. Here he got in touch with the futurist environment, which directed him to the exploration of the futurist pictorial technique, above all of aeropainting. With the publication of the "Manifesto of the aeropainting" (1929) D'Anna, with the support of Guglielmo Jannelli, decided to dedicate his creative vein to it.
He always maintained contacts with Palermo from Messina, when he devoted himself fully to painting, looking at the island's capital as the most lively and dynamic center in the field of figurative arts, especially because of the presence of the first generation of Sicilian futurists: Vittorio Corona, Pippo Rizzo, Antonino Varvaro, examples of artistic activity, and the very young Renato Guttuso, who he knew at the end of the 1920s, but with whom he consolidated his friendship around 1932.
Dedicating himself to the activity of bookseller, an occasion for meetings with the cultural environment of the time, in 1931 D'Anna arrived at his first personal exhibition at the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele III. The exhibition was visited by Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, who expressed his total favor with regard to the exhibited production and encouraged the artist to take part in the main national Futurist exhibitions. In 1933 in Messina he headed one of the new independent Futurist groups.
He was the first painter from Messina to exhibit at the XIX Biennale of Venice in 1934 and at the 2nd Quadrennial of Rome the following year. In the fifties, sixties and in the early seventies he tried different medium and experimented new futurist perspectives in various exhibitions in Messina and Rome. However, he did not abandon the activity in the family library, which in fact became a cultural center of Messina.