Geometrical composition - GIOVANNI ACQUAVIVA
Geometrical composition (Acquaviva)

Giovanni ACQUAVIVA (Marciana Marina 1900 – Milan 1971)

Originally from the Island of Elba, Giovanni Acquaviva graduated in law from the University of Pisa and became magistrate and judge at the Milan court. He adheres very young to Futurism, initially devoting himself to illustration, for example of some books by Fortunato Bellonzi, in which he reveals the influence of Giacomo Balla. In 1938 he promoted the futurist group Sant'Elia in Savona. Together with Farfa he is considered one of the greatest representatives of Savona Futurism. He continued to paint also in the post-war years, always close to avant-garde art.
He participated three times in the Venice Biennale, twice in the Rome Quadriennale and in numerous other exhibitions in Italy and abroad. Filippo Tommaso Marinetti writes about him: “Among the most original and imaginative creator of aerial painting”. Acquaviva also dedicated himself to the manufacture of ceramics, graphics and theater sets.
A large solo retrospective was dedicated to him in 1987 by the city of Savona, where he lived for many years.