Regatta - FEDOR   YUSOV
Regatta (Yu-1)

Fedor YUSOV (Kurganinsk, 1915 – 1998)

Fedor Yusov was born in the town of Kurganinsk (Krasnodar Region) 13th of May, 1915.
After finishing school he moved to the town of Perm and in 1936 entered the Perm Art College. Yusov graduated from the college in 1939.
He went to the front from the first days of the World War II and returned home only in 1946. At the same year Yusov entered the Kharkov State Art Institute. The young artist was lucky to study under the guidance of such famous artists as P. Kotov, O. Kokel and E. Svetlichny. Fedor Yusov graduated with honours from the institute in 1952.
Since 1958 he had taken part in all Local, Zonal, Republican and All-Union art exhibitions. In 1965 Yusov became a member of the Union of the Artists of the USSR. For a long time he worked as an artist at the Kharkov Art Studio of the Artists’ Union (1952-1968, 1972-1996) and as the Chief Artist of Dnepropetrovsk area.
Unique part of the heritage of the artist are small works of the end of 1940s – beginning of 1950s. Mainly they are landscapes and genre sketches with soft, harmonic colours. While capturing the impression, Yusov found incomparable intonation for each of his etudes.


Kharkov, Art Museum
Kiev, National Museum of the History of Ukraine