Planes (Vottero)

Elia VOTTERO (Genoa 1906 – Turin 2004)

He completed technical studies, but soon became passionate about painting. Moving to Turin, he works to support the family financially following the premature death of his father. This does not prevent him from cultivating his artistic interests and, attracted by the new futurist movement, he joins the Turin group by participating in the main exhibitions in Italy and abroad.
In 1939, Marinetti remembers him, in the presentation of the aerialpainters at the III Quadrennial of Rome, among the exponents of "an essential mystical ascensional symbolic style".
Particularly prolific between the Thirties and the Forties, in addition to painting, sculpture, engraving and drawing, he distinguished himself in photography, fixing portraits, nature, technical details of his own design, taking care of printing.
Most of his conspicuous production has been dispersed in the various movements between the exhibitions in Italy and abroad.