Saturday 24 October 2020

In a period like the one we are experiencing, in which the desire to travel is frustrated by objective complications, we decided to set up an exhibition that would allow, as partial satisfaction, to cross the border at least virtually through the paintings.
The common thread is the East, which has always been able to evoke suggestive atmospheres, represented by landscapes, figures and views of very different artists, culturally and chronologically distant from each other.
Some important works that we exhibit for the first time stand out. A watercolor and an oil depicting Saint Sophia and the Bosphorus by the orientalist Fausto Zonaro (1854 - 1929), the last painter of the imperial court of Constantinople; a large oil (180 x 130 cm) by Salvo (1947 - 2015) entitled Bosnia Herzegovina, 2003; a portrait of a young woman by the French post-impressionist Henri Lebasque (1865 - 1937) and a harem by the Fauvist orientalist Julien Le Bordays.
The most substantial nucleus consists in works of the Russian Dmitij Kosmin (1925 - 2003), a painter who occupies a place of honor among the great masters of Soviet figurative art (Venice Biennale, 1966). On display, a series of paintings depicting the splendor of the ancient Uzbek cities, crossroads between Asia and Europe along the ancient trade routes between East and West. Uzbekistan has retained a strong historical and architectural heritage, in particular the domes, towers and shimmering minarets of Hiva, Samarkand and Bukhara. The latter is also the subject of a work by Boris Lavrenko (1920 - 2001) and Mikhail Kuznetsov (1904 - 1989).
The odalisques by Giulio Da Milano (1895 - 1990) and a work on paper by the Chinese Zhang Hongmei (1973) cannot also be missing.

Selection of works in the current exhibition

Constantinople - EAST
Constantinople (Zonaro2)
Odalisques - EAST
Odalisques (6-BB)
Bukhara - EAST
Bukhara (Kuznetsov)
April day in Hiva - EAST
April day in Hiva (K-99)
Buchara - EAST
Buchara (K-66)
Morning in Hiva - EAST
Morning in Hiva (K-70)
Bukhara - EAST
Bukhara (L-170)