Planes - BARBARA
Planes (Barbara)

BARBARA, alias Olga Biglieri (Mortara 1915 – Roma 2002)

Olga Biglieri Scurto or Barbara was an Italian Futurist painter and aviator. She was one of the few women aeropainters of Aeropittura (with Marisa Mori and Benedetta Cappa). She started to paint at the age of eleven. She trained to be a pilot in Italy. She became associated with the Futurist painters and her work was acclaimed by Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, who was the movement founder. He saw her paintings by chance in a shop window. She worked under the name of Barbara. She exhibited her paintings in many Venice Biennale. Her main subject is a plane but her composition fades into two dimensional shapes. Her paintings are important as they record this female aeropainter found a place in the classic man/machine Futurist image to create a "superdonna" or woman/machine.
She married the poet and writer Ignazio Scurto in 1939 and she had to care for their children during the second world war. Her husband died in 1954. In those years she worked as a fashion journalist but at the end of the 60s she rediscovered painting. In the seventies she approached street painting, murals, children's creativity and began traveling (Cuba, the Soviet Union, Canada, Japan). She prefers the working group to the individual career and her multiple research lines are always accompanied by in-depth reflections.