Woman among the rocks - ALMERICO TOMASELLI
Woman among the rocks (Tomaselli)

Almerico TOMASELLI (1899-1993)

Almerico Tommaselli is a Piedmontese painter, art critic, writer and journalist.
In his long artistic career he has crossed several art movements, from Futurism to Surrealism, which he embraced since the 1950s. In 1955 he was invited to the Quadriennale of Rome, that dedicated to him a whole pavilion the following year. Promoter of many cultural initiatives, he was the first to bring the Piedmontese painters to exhibit in Campania, and the famous "Meeting of Piedmontese Painters on the Amalfi Coast" made him popular both in Campania and in Piedmont. He also organized important events, including the great exhibition Fashion Costume Style, figures of an era, 1900-1961, held at Palazzo Vela in Turin for Italy '61.
In Tomaselli’s painting, fantasy and dream, symbolism and autobiographical experience, contribute to creating a world of enchanted woods, portraits, and surreal images.